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Classical Fleck Rubber Gym Flooring


Our Classical Fleck rubber gymnasium flooring is the most favorite and perfect choice. We offered multiple sizes 1.25m x 10m x 4mm to 1.25m x 10m x 12mm.

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Product Description

A gym is a place where people go to train themselves and make their body fit. In past people use to go the open fields where they used to play sports. These sports not only made them healthy but also made them active which in turn helped them a lot in their daily routine life. Now people don’t have time to go the open field and for that purpose they prefer gym. The environment of gym plays an important role in attracting the people. In recent days there has been a great use of gym mats in the gym these mats provide great support to the people.

At we believe that our customer should be provided with best quality so that they should be satisfied with what product they buy from us. We bring you classical fleck gym flooring which is a remarkable thing in itself. This gym flooring is best to be used for any type of surface. It will provide your gym a great look. The classical fleck gym flooring is available in different color and sizes depending upon the usage of the customer. The price also varies from £119–£330. So if anybody wants to order this great thing he can simply contact us through our landlines number available at our website.

These Gym rubber rolls are available in 3 bright colors Black, Blue and Red. This Classical Fleck Rubber Gym flooring is manufactured from excellent quality rubber to provide ultimate security towards slips and falls. These classical Fleck Gym safety rolls are very easy to clean. This is a tough and long lasting product and extremely easily obtainable with us at the price which you can afford.

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Black 1.25m x 10m x 10mm, Black 1.25m x 10m x 12mm, Black 1.25m x 10m x 4mm, Black 1.25m x 10m x 6mm, Black 1.25m x 10m x 8mm, Blue 1.25m x 10m x 10mm, Blue 1.25m x 10m x 12mm, Blue 1.25m x 10m x 4mm, Blue 1.25m x 10m x 6mm, Blue 1.25m x 10m x 8mm, Red 1.25m x 10m x 10mm, Red 1.25m x 10m x 12mm, Red 1.25m x 10m x 4mm, Red 1.25m x 10m x 6mm, Red 1.25m x 10m x 8mm, White 1.25 x 10m x 10mm, White 1.25 x 10m x 12mm, White 1.25 x 10m x 4mm, White 1.25 x 10m x 6mm, White 1.25 x 10m x 8mm


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