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Most Selling Dura Gym Rubber Tiles


Most Selling Dura Gym Rubber Tiles features a rugged, sparkling orange peel design. Proper gym floor mats help protect your weights and flooring from damage when weights are dropped.

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Product Description

Nowadays, there is a vast variety of materials available in the market that can be used for the purpose of gym flooring. The choice of material depends upon the benefits they carry for the user. The purpose of going to the gym regularly is not only fitness but also safety. Fitness is provided by the equipments and various forms of exercises that you learn in the gym, but how can you ensure safety? Safety comes when necessary measures are taken to prevent injuries and provide stability to the body. This can be efficiently achieved by the use of Dura gym rubber tiles.This Rubber flooring tiles also dampens sound and absorbs the vibration of treadmills, cardio equipment and weight lifting machines.

As its name suggest, these are durable gym rubber tiles with multiple benefits. They provide a cushioning effect against heavy forces and high impact falls, reduces friction and absorbs sweat and moisture so that the gym floor remains dry at all times to minimize the possibility of slippage on the floor. It also aids in noise reduction and protects the floor from heavy vibrations given off by the gym equipments. These Dura gym rubber tiles are available in rugged, sparkling orange peel design. Our products are eco friendly as they are made from recycled rubber. We ensure complete safety, cost effectiveness, durability, strength and ease of use.

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1m x 1m x 18m, Black Ramp ( 1 metre each ), Black Ramp Corner




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