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Top Bubbled Ribbed Back Gym Mats


Top bubbled Ribbed Back Gym Mats are incredibly heavy and developed for specialist fitness centers. These 18mm mats Minimize Noise and absorb impact. These Mats are best for fitness centers.

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Product Description

The risk of injuries ranging from minor to major ones is quite high when we talk about working out. The primary factor that controls both the rate and impact of these injuries is the gym flooring. If the floor is slippery and uneven, the chances of injuries are increased to a great extent. These injuries can be in the form of scratch and bruises to tooth avulsions and fractures. Keeping these factors in mind, the gym flooring should be suitable for work outs without any threat of injuries.

The top bubbled gym mats are heavy duty gym rubber mats introduced with the primary objective of providing stability and support to the body while working out. These rubber mats act as an insulating barrier to absorb heavy impact forces and heavy weight of the gym equipments. This cushioning effect of the top bubbled gym mat can prevent injuries, provide a stable foundation for work out, help in insulation of floors, keep the gym flooring dry at all times, aid in noise reduction and eliminate harmful vibrations given off by the gym equipments. Buy these convenient, durable and strong gym mats from us at a very reasonable price and ensure complete safety for yourself.  These 18mm mats Minimize Noise and absorb impact. These Mats are best for fitness centers. They are also ideal for putting under exercise machines. These are manufactured from heavy duty and high quality recycled rubber which is durable and long lasting.

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6ft x 4ft x 12mm Thick, 6ft x 4ft x 18mm Interlocking, 6ft x 4ft x 18mm Thick


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